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When Shanes wife suspects him of cheating she hires a private eye to get proof for her so she can divorce him for his money. She was expecting pictures but Yasmin Lee decided on a different way. She tricks him into her room, blindfolded him and handcuffed him to the bed. He starts losing his temper but calms down as she sucks his cock. He’s enjoying it until she pulls down her knickers, that’s when he sees her 8 inch cock. Before he can do anything she rams her cock in his mouth. He’s still complaining that he’s straight when she turns him over and starts fucking his ass. She goes through a lot of positions before he finally shuts up, managing to get her whole cock inside him. He tries to hold off but eventually she gets what she came for when he comes giving her the evidence she needs. Go to TS Seduction to see this tranny porn scene

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Brenn Wyson is the happiest patient in ward 1 of a psychiatric hospital. Every night a stunning blonde comes over and gives him a great blowjob while he is in bed then leaves and goes to her own bed next to his seperated only by a curtain. One night when she is late he starts calling for her and not too nicely.

She decides it’s time she had her fun so she goes around and holds him still while she rams her cock down his throat. She whips his ass and pinches his nipples before tying him to the bed and raising his legs so she can fuck his ass. She uses tweezers in his nipples to make sure he stays still as this shemale fucks his ass.

She bends him over and fucks him from behind before making him ride her cock while cuffed to the bed. As he rides her she uses her hand to get him to cum on her stomach then forces her cock down his neck. He is made to swallow all her cum just like she had done for him every night. You can see Mistress Soleli shemale fuck Brenn at TS Seduction.

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Yasmin Lee has been that good lately they offer her a guy to do with what she wants. She walks into the room to find him naked tied to the floor. She sucks him hard then makes him suck cock by whipping his balls if he doesn’t do a good enough job.

She ties him on all fours next to make him swallow cock deep while whipping his ass before changing position so she can fuck his ass while he is on all fours. She turns him over then so she can wank him off while fucking him. She does this until he comes then puts him back on all fours.

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When Cassidy finishes his boxing match he goes into the changing rooms to find his usual guy is out ill. The stunning Paris is waiting though and offers him his usual rubdown which he is happy to accept. Halfway through he playfully asks if he can get a full massage and was happy when she removed his towel.

He got a lot more happy when she started to massage his ass then his balls. He turned over and showed her his hard cock which she immediately started to suck. It doesn’t take long till he has cum and tells Paris it’s her turn now. She slipped out of her clothes and jumped on his chest.

She forces her cock down his neck till he is choking but notices he is hard again already. Taking this as a sign he is enjoying the shemale sex she moves down to fuck his ass. She moves back up then to let him suck her while she finishes him with an handjob. She holds his ears then as she fucks his face till she cums. You can see this tranny sex being forced onto a boxer at TS Seduction.

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Vern has always been a ladies man and never even considered being faithful. When she married him his wife thought he would change his ways but when she found out he was cheating she contacted some people known to help reform this sort of man. They took the job and put Paris on him. It didn’t take long before she had him eating out of her hand.

She stripped him off and sucked his cock before bending him over and spanking his ass. He was facing away from her when she stripped off and the first thing he knew about her was the tranny anal as Paris shoved her cock in his ass. She rode him hard and fast till he was screaming then put him in tranny bondage before making him suck her cock.

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When Ned and his student group go out to work trying to get people to vote he bumps into Kimberly. She is so unhappy by how pushy he is she wants to teach him a lesson. She pretends to like him then invites herself back to his camper van and when she finds out they have time she starts flirting with him.

It isn’t long before she gets her top off and thinking his luck is in Ned strips off. When he pulls her knickers aside he is shocked to see she has a 7 inch cock and starts to back away but she drags him closer and gets him to suck her cock. She turns around then for a 69 of tranny sex before bending him over.

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Nika Noire plays an evil scientist trying to make the perfect woman to satisfy her needs so she creates Catalina played by Honey Foxxx, a pretty woman with a 10 inch cock. She wastes no time in using her getting Catalina to fuck her hard until she is satisfied.

Just as they are finishing Chris knocks on the door for trick or treat, is he in for a shock. They invite him in and before he knows what’s happening he is tied naked to a couch. That would be fine for most men and is up until Catalina takes her cock out and makes him suck it hard. Nika decides to get in on this action and strapon fucks him as Catalina makes the most of this tranny bondage to get him to suck her.

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When David Chase was out stealing from houses he made a mistake, he picked Yasmin Lee’s house as one of his targets. She heard him coming in and hid then knocked him out from behind. She woke him up by throwing water in his face and he realised that he was tied in a cloth bag.

He is even more startled when she strips off and starts slapping his face with her cock. She lays him on his front with a pillow over his head as she fucks his ass then turns him over. She fingers his ass using more and more fingers before fucking his ass some more.

He is offered a deal then, wank them both off and suck Yasmins cock till she comes then he can go without any police involvement. He agrees and after coming himself she makes sure that he gets a mouthful of her come. A great scene of shemale fucking torture can be seen at TS Seduction.

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John has been getting away with too much at college including drinking and cheating. Unfortunately for him he is caught cheating in one test by his teacher Star. She tells him he has two choices, he can be expelled or take his punishment and pass the test.

Seeing how pretty Star is and hoping for the best he agrees and things start off better than he could have hoped by having her ass whipped then she starts sucking his cock. She sucks him till he comes then warns him it’s not over. She turns her back on him and rip her stockings off revealing her huge cock.

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Jade has taught her fuck toy a lesson and now he will do anything she wants. Because he has learned so well she decides today she will let him finally come. She starts by stripping him down and sucking his cock. He is made to suck his cock then before she moves to the bottom of the bed he is tied to.

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