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John Magnum plays a Dr who is treating genetic specimens that have limitless sexual appetites. When Danni creates Gia DiMarco from her own DNA they go on a rampage trying to find someone to match their sexual appetites and decide to try their own Doctor.

John is strapped to a chair and made to suck cock before hacing his face fucked while getting a blowjob. Gia sits on his face as Danni fucks her then Danni moves on to shemale fuck John. John is made to suck cock again as Gia plays with his cock then Danni fucks Gia while lying on top of John.

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Carmen Moore wastes no time in this scene. She has Hyde naked on the bed within seconds and is giving him the blowjob of his life. It’s not all give though with Carmen so she pulls her knickers down to show her already hard cock then grabs his head and makes him return the favour.

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John Jammen is handed over to Jesse and told he must do whatever she asks. Already tied down he has little choice as Jesse gets to work on his cock using a penis pump to get it hard. Once he is hard enough she uses a Fleshlight to get his first orgasm from him then continues non stop asking for more cum.

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Mia Isabella gets a friend to tie her up and pretends to be helpess as she screams for help. Jesse Carl is the unlucky guy that finds her and being nice he releases her. As a reward she strips him off and starts sucking his cock but he gets a shock when she strips and rams her cock in his mouth.

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Blake is told he is being used for an experiment in sensory deprivation and tied to a bed wearing a hood and in a straightjacket. He can tell when someone walks into the room but has no idea who. When she undresses him his cock is already stiff and she uses a sound to scrape his until it is even harder.

She climbs on top of him and rests his cock on her ass before tying him up on all fours. Then she gets her cock out and rams it into his ass before he has time to object. She lowers him down as she fucks him deeper and deeper until he is lying on his belly. She turns him over and shoves her cock in his mouth.

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Chanel Couture is one of the better endowed shemales in porn and she knows how to use it. In this scene with Mike Panic she starts off sucking his cock till he’s nice and hard then gets him to suck her cock too. Once she’s hard enough she bends him over to take him from behind.

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Morgan Bailey has worked beside S Jack for years and always fancied him but never quite had the nerve to ask him about it. When work gets slow though she takes a chance and soon has his trousers down so she can suck his cock. It isn’t until he is thoroughly turned on that she removes her knickers to show her 8 inch cock.

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Tont Orlando had fantasies of being with a shemale so he sent in pictures of him naked with a hard cock to try for a job. When they got back to him he was in for the interview 20 minutes early but can the interview live up to expectations? Meeting TS Foxxy must have helped as she had him naked and tied to a post in minutes making him lick her ass.

Tony is made to suck her cock before she fucks his face then has him led on his back as she fingers his ass. She sucks his cock then rubs the head roughly till he’s hard then fucks his ass. She rides his face making him lick her ass before fucking his face then putting him on all fours to fuck his ass deeper.

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Sebastian Keys has never been able to keep his cock in his pants. His wife finds out that he has been getting blowjobs and fucking strangers at bars and has a think of what to do. She talks to her friend and she advises her to try the Wives Club who have great ways or putting the men back in line. She agrees to this and stays out of the house one night leaving the door open as Sebatian lies in bed. Jenna Rachels walks in, ties him up using a rope net then tells him he will do what she wants or she’ll castrate him.

Given the choice of sex with a woman or castration he is only too eager to agree. That changes when she whips her cock out and shoves it in his mouth but there is no way out for him. He sucks her cock while she sucks his cock until he is hard then pulls his legs up so she can tranny fuck his ass. Jenna tells him he deserves this as she squeezes his balls then moves up to fuck his face making him take her whole cock. She wanks him off before lifting his legs again so she can fuck him some more.

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It’s Eva Lins birthday so her partner Foxxy decides to give her a day to remember. She wheels in a large box before they start stripping each other off. It isn’t long before they are both deepthroating each other and are both hard. Foxxy fucks her face at full speed before letting her open the box which turns out to hold Cole. Eva Lin wastes no time and soon has her cock down his throat whether he wants it or not.

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