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John has been getting away with too much at college including drinking and cheating. Unfortunately for him he is caught cheating in one test by his teacher Star. She tells him he has two choices, he can be expelled or take his punishment and pass the test.

Seeing how pretty Star is and hoping for the best he agrees and things start off better than he could have hoped by having her ass whipped then she starts sucking his cock. She sucks him till he comes then warns him it’s not over. She turns her back on him and rip her stockings off revealing her huge cock.

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Jade has taught her fuck toy a lesson and now he will do anything she wants. Because he has learned so well she decides today she will let him finally come. She starts by stripping him down and sucking his cock. He is made to suck his cock then before she moves to the bottom of the bed he is tied to.

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When delivery boy Prince calls to deliver lingerie to Yasmin he is over the moon to see her lying topless on the couch. She rips of his clothes and starts to suck his cock and it’s too late for him once she strips the rest of her clothes off to reveal her cock.

She forces his head down to suck her cock till it’s rock hard then grabs his head to make him deepthroat her. She fucks his face then bends him over so she can fuck his ass while keeping hold of his hair so she can go as deep as she likes. He’s turned over and his legs forced high so she can get deeper and deeper into him.

She fucks him in different positions and gets him to lick her ass then gets him to play with his own cock as she fucks his ass. He comes just as she is finishing then is told to leave knowing full well he will never tell anyone about this. You can see this tranny anal sex at TS Seduction.

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When he tells his girlfriend he wants her to surprise him for their first time in sex she did. She suggested sex in a public park and he was happy to do it, stripping off for her to suck his cock. He Let her suck him dry then started to get dressed.

She told him that she wanted to finish and that’s when he found out the real surprise as she stripped off to show a bigger cock than him. As he had promised to go through with it he let her fuck his ass until surprising even him he got rock hard again.

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When Cj is sent to the head teachers office for skipping classes and talking back to teachers he expected a suspension at worst but he didn’t count on Natassia. She threatened him with expulsion and he started begging her not to go so far. She told him of the only way he was going to stay at college and he readily agreed to give her what she wanted. He sucks her tits and strips for her to play with his cock before she tied his hands. She stripped off then and made him suck cock before fucking his ass. He has his legs tied to his ankles in tranny bondage so she can get deeper penetration and when that’s still not enough she gets him to bend over touching his toes as she fucks his ass harder. He is made to give her another forced blowjob till she comes in his mouth. See this shemale fucking scene at TS Seduction.

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Jason Miller is handed over to Eva Lin who likes to make him wait. He is told to wait as she strips off and sits in the chair watching him. She plays with her cock while Jason stands there in the stocks before she gets up to kick him in the balls. He has his cock tied before being made to kneel.

Once he is on his knees she gets a forced deepthroat from him as he chokes then sucks his cock to get him hard. She ties him bent over a table to cane his ass then gets to work fucking his ass. He is made to lick her shoes while she fucks his ass deeper and deeper.

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After some time out to do some mainstream stuff such as The Hangover 2 Yasmin returns to what she was made for, porn. In this scene she is joined by Trent Diesel, an underwear model who is fearing the sack after being told he is not up to scratch so Yasmin offers him a way out. She soon has his underwear down and is sucking his cock.

Once he is on the verge of cumming and in no mood to stop she brings out her cock and tells him to such hers. He sucks her cock while getting a footjob then bends over to be shemale fucked from behind. Yasmin pounds his ass while wanking him off until he sprays cum all over himself then carries on anyway.

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Ruckus meets Vaniity in her hotel room and she wastes no time, laying him on the bed and removing his trousers. Within seconds he’s hard and she has both his balls in her mouth. She sucks his cock then strips off to make him suck her cock. She forces it down his neck before slapping his face with it.

Next up she makes him lick her ass as she plays with herself then moves down into a sixty nine position where she starts off biting his cock. Vaniity forces her cock in his ass after licking it to get him wet then fucks him hard making sure he takes it all.

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Morgan Bailey is back to her usual tricks when she sees Jason Miller trying out for Bottom Idol. It takes a few seconds for her to get him naked and lifting weights for her. After that he is made to squat as she fingers his ass then makes him hold weights out at full stretch as she fucks his mouth.

When that gets too difficult for Jason she bends him over to tranny fuck his ass. Morgan sits above him and wanks both cocks as he lifts weights then gives him a blowjob while fucking his mouth. She ass fucks him again before deciding a good test of endurance is tying a huge rock to his balls and making him drag it around the room.

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This is Jenna Rachels debut so they gave her Michael to play with. Driving home from a party Michael is over the moon to have picked up what he thinks is a hot chick and is so hard from the kissing they never even make it upstairs. On the couch she soon has his trousers off and is giving him a blowjob.

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