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After some time out to do some mainstream stuff such as The Hangover 2 Yasmin returns to what she was made for, porn. In this scene she is joined by Trent Diesel, an underwear model who is fearing the sack after being told he is not up to scratch so Yasmin offers him a way out. She soon has his underwear down and is sucking his cock.

Once he is on the verge of cumming and in no mood to stop she brings out her cock and tells him to such hers. He sucks her cock while getting a footjob then bends over to be shemale fucked from behind. Yasmin pounds his ass while wanking him off until he sprays cum all over himself then carries on anyway.

Yasmin Lee holds his legs together to make him tighter while fucking him then gets him to such her cock again. Trent is made to lick her ass then before she lays him down to fuck him some more while playing with his now hard again cock. She fucks him until he cums again then makes him swallow his cum. You can see Yasmin Lee shemale fucking again at TS Seduction.

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Ruckus meets Vaniity in her hotel room and she wastes no time, laying him on the bed and removing his trousers. Within seconds he’s hard and she has both his balls in her mouth. She sucks his cock then strips off to make him suck her cock. She forces it down his neck before slapping his face with it.

Next up she makes him lick her ass as she plays with herself then moves down into a sixty nine position where she starts off biting his cock. Vaniity forces her cock in his ass after licking it to get him wet then fucks him hard making sure he takes it all.

Spanking his ass as she fucks him seems to turn him on even more so she gives him a break and has him suck her cock again. He’s led on the bed with his legs over his head so she can fuck him harder. When they’re both ready Vaniity uses her hands to finish them both off at almost the same time. You can see Vaniity in one of her many tranny videos at TS Seduction.

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Morgan Bailey is back to her usual tricks when she sees Jason Miller trying out for Bottom Idol. It takes a few seconds for her to get him naked and lifting weights for her. After that he is made to squat as she fingers his ass then makes him hold weights out at full stretch as she fucks his mouth.

When that gets too difficult for Jason she bends him over to tranny fuck his ass. Morgan sits above him and wanks both cocks as he lifts weights then gives him a blowjob while fucking his mouth. She ass fucks him again before deciding a good test of endurance is tying a huge rock to his balls and making him drag it around the room.

She makes him thrust forward for his blowjob even though the rock is making it painful but as a reward she fucks him some more. He begs her to cum in his ass but she refuses, instead spraying it on his back then makes him cum though a small target. His aim is fine though so he passes her test. You can see Jason fucked by Morgan at TS Seduction.

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This is Jenna Rachels debut so they gave her Michael to play with. Driving home from a party Michael is over the moon to have picked up what he thinks is a hot chick and is so hard from the kissing they never even make it upstairs. On the couch she soon has his trousers off and is giving him a blowjob.

When he undresses her he is so turned on he hardly blinks at the cock as she shoves it down his neck. She is soon throat fucking him getting her cock down his neck. When she is hard enough she bends him over to fuck his ass then flips him over so she can wank him off while fucking his ass. It’s his turn then fucking Jennas ass.

They take turns doing this until Jenna decides to get on top and ride his cock before getting another deepthroat blowjob from him. She manages to squeeze some nipple milk for him to drink before cumming in his mouth. It’s his turn then so she wanks him off until he unleashes his load on her tits. You can see Jenna Rachel in her first tranny sex at TS Seduction.

Surprise Shemale Sex On A Third Date

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Morgan was on her third date with Chris and knew what to expect when he brought this up. They were having a nice meal and she didn’t want her secret out yet but Chris persisted and when he dropped his trousers she decided perhaps now was the time.

She sucked his cock for a few minutes when without warning he let shoot, leaving a load of cum in her mouth. She didn’t like that but Chris promised he would be hard again soon but Morgan told him not to worry. She led him on his back and climbed up by his face before flashing her cock at him.

He tried to move but she held him down and made him suck her cock. She bent him over explaining that sex with a real cock meant taking your time and fucked his ass. The tranny sex continued as she turned him over and while fucking him got him hard again. The shemale fucking carried on long after he was ready to squirt again so she sat him down and left a load of come on his face. Go to TS Seduction for more shemale porn.

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Brian Bonds hires Sarina Valentina for his new firm after thinking she would make an easy target getting sex from her in return for the job. When he tries it on Sarina tries telling him it isn’t very professional but he won’t back down so she eventually gives in and kisses him.

She takes her top off and he sucks her tits then strips down and gets hard. That was when Sarina told him her secret, if he wanted a blowjob he would have to give one in return. Having seen some shemale porn he was willing to go ahead with tranny sex, especially as he was already hard so was soon sucking cock. After she sucked him some more he bent her over to lick her ass.

They take turns fucking each others ass while Brian is made to lick ass and suck cock some more. The shemale anal continues as she fucks his ass while spanking him then she sucks him off until he cums. She then makes him suck her cock and covers his face in cum. You can see this tranny sex scene at TS Seduction.

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Aly wants to see how far she can push John so she ties him up, strips him off and shoves a large dildo in his ass. She puts a suction tube with an enlarging pump on his cock then whips him. Moving back pushes the dildo in deeper and pushing forward moves him deeper into the pump. Aly fucks his throat then while playing with his cock.

Aly fucks his ass in different positions then and milks him till he comes. Not satisfied with just going once she bends him over and fucks him some more while playing with him to get him hard again. Aly makes sure he comes again before she comes in his mouth. This scene of ladyboy Aly having tranny sex with John can be had at TS Seduction.

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Michael Bridalveil shows off for his friends by yelling to college girls as they go past. Unluckily for him one of those is Paris who offers him a blowjob. She takes him back to his shop and gives him his blowjob while he tries to make it a deepthroat. After he’s finished she ties his hands and says it’s her turn now. She strips but instead of the pussy she flashes her cock. He pulls away and refuses to touch her till she points out he could lose his job if she reports him. He agrees to let her do whatever she wants so she fucks his mouth before shemale fucking his ass. She gets him hard using a pump and jerks him off till he comes again then she comes in his mouth. This and other tranny porn can be found at TS Seduction.

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When Reuven fails to quit smoking yet again he signs up for a new clinic and is given a drink to put him to sleep. When he wakes up he is tied to a bed with EMS pads on him and Yasmin blowing smoke on him. She strips off and shoves her cock in his mouth before he is fully aware then fucks his face. She fucks his ass while he is still tied to the bed then uses a flesh light on his dick as she gives him some tranny anal he won’t forget. Even after he has finished she continues fucking his ass will she is ready to get him to suck cock as she comes all over him. See more tranny videos at TS Seduction.

Tranny Anal For Stepbrother

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Aubrey Kate already has enough problems so when her stepbrother comes to live with her and keeps making passes it’s one extra problem she doesn’t need. She knows he has spied on her in the shower so knows she has a cock but that only seems to excite him more. When she finds out he has never tried anal before though she finally comes around to his way of thinking.

After teasing im a bit she gets him to suck her cock and lick her ass. Aubrey then returns the favour and sucks him hard before climbing on top of him to ride his cock. He sucks her cock before she gives him his first taste of shemale anal fucking his ass. She holds nothing back and fucks him hard enough to make him scream.

He rides her cock before lying down so she can fuck him deeper. They 69 then until both are ready to explode. Aubrey swallows everything Kam has to give before finishing herself off and leaving her cum all over his belly. You can see Aubrey Kate giving Kam his first taste of shemale sex at TS Seduction.