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Hayden Russo gets trapped in Jessica Hosts lab and is stripped, tied down on his back with a chain around his neck and forced to swallow cock. He is then tied bending over while she opens his ass with a dildo. Once he is open enough she removes the dildo and gives him a tranny fuck that leaves him screaming.

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Parker London had to neglecting his wife. She was fed up of him lying on the couch and refusing to spend any time with her at all so she decided it was time he was taught a lesson. She called Sarina Vlentina who was well known for being able to sort this type of problem. Sarina wastes no time by drugging Parker.

Parker wakes up tied naked with his legs spread and hands above his head but he doesn’t complain as the first thing she does is to start sucking his cock. He gets into it until she strips off. Refusing to suck cock doesn’t go down well and he is soon choking on cock. She bends him over to give him a shemale anal he won’t forget.

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Natassia Dreams had been thinking long and hard about what to get Jessica Host, her best friend for her birthday. Letting Jessica think she had forgotten all about it she spent the day with her. Jessica never said a thing even as she got ready for bed but when she entered her bedroom she found her present, Chris Ockham, tied to her bed.

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Mia Isabella is one of the hottest trannies around, that with the fact she’s a dom makes her a star for these shoots. To reward her they have two people tied to beds in different rooms. She starts on Ty Roderick first, fucking his mouth then moving down to fuck his ass.

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Sunshyne has never done a porno before so this scene from TSS was a good introduction for her. She plays an examiner who has a cadet in for an interview who she likes and seduces. It isn’t long before she has his trousers and pants down and is sucking his cock.

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Estelle Lamore gets to be in her first of what we know will be many tranny videos in this scene. She starts off playing with herself to get excited before going into the next room where she has Parker London tied up naked. She starts off by flicking his cock head then fucks his face making him swallow it all.

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When Yasmin is told she has to let go of 25 workers she decides to see who wants his job most starting with her favourite Lance. She asks him into the office and tells him what’s happening before asking him to strip. Having no idea she is a ladyboy he is only too happy but once she strips it’s too late to back out. He is ordered to suck her cock or lose his job. He sucks it before being led over to a desk and made to lie on it so she can fuck his ass. He is then bent over it for deeper penetration before being forced to suck cock till Yasmin comes. You can see this tranny porn scene at TS Seduction.

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When a forward thinking company decides to make their employees happy by enhancing their sex lives they bring in a dominatrix to show them how to improve their bedroom skills. After hearing John brag he doesn’t need help the dominatrix, Jacquelin decides he’s the one she can use to make an example of.

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Honey may look like a lady but she has something extra, a 9 inch cock and she’s dying to use it on her nerdy college science partner. She finally gets her chance one day talking him into having sex with her after class. He strips off for her and she starts sucking his cock then thinks his luck is in when she asks if she can tie him down. He’s over the moon with this idea and lies on the bench to be tied. Honey strips off and he realises too late that she is a tranny. Tied down with no escape he is made to suck tranny cock and as it grows he even gets jealous of her thick cock. She won’t let him up until she’s finished and is too embarrassed to say anything after she let him go. This tranny bondage clip can be seen at TSSeduction.

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Johanna has been training Paris in shemale bondage for a while when she decides Paris needs a toy of her own. She buys Lobo and leaves him tied up as a present for her. To make sure she gets it right and that Lobo will do as told they both use him together for the first time, making him suck cock, first one then the other. They then take turns fucking his ass while the other sits on his face. He’s bent over then so he can suck tranny cock while the other tranny fucks him up the ass. After they have both come over him he is allowed release with both shemales treating him with their feet till he comes. This tranny anal scene can be found at Ts seduction or you can buy single tranny videos at Kink On Demand.